New GMO labeling bill proposed for California

Back when Prop 37 was voted down by California residents in 2012, it felt like a missed opportunity. Here was California, long known as one of the trendsetting states in the U.S., knocking on the door of instituting the first mandatory GMO food label. Not only would label legislation inevitably spread throughout the rest of the country, but we’d be able to take pride in knowing we gave the movement its first big push.

But once it was defeated, it seemed as though California would have sit back and watch some other state break through first. Washington’s try was a no-go, but Oregon was next in line to give it a whirl. And who’s to say one of the bastions of progressivism in the northeast wouldn’t get there first? California had its chance, and we blew it.

At least, that was the feeling until last week. GMO labeling in California may be closer than we all thought.

Last week, Representative Noreen Evans of Santa Rosa introduced California Senate Bill 1381, known as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act to her fellow congressional members in Sacramento. If passed, California will become the first state to require GMO labeling.


Read the full original article: California Legislators Have Proposed GMO Labeling

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