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Designer Baby? Breakthrough gene therapy that could eliminate rare diseases, raises ethical concerns

Karen Kaplan | 
Scientists at Oregon Health & Science University have replaced bits of defective DNA in a human egg with the equivalent ...

Would Proposition 37 really cost, or tell, consumers more?

Karin Klein | 
Discussions of Proposition 37, the initiative that would require labeling of many genetically engineered foods, tend to bring up two ...

Small California stem cell research brings riches by tapping into to state funds

Michael Hiltzik | 
StemCells Inc. has had rather a charmed relationship with California's publicly funded stem cell program, with some $40 million in ...
not GM foods

Junk science used to promote Proposition 37

Michael Hiltzik | 
Even if the California ballot measure mandating the labeling of genetically modified food measure goes down, the campaign on behalf ...
prop voting box

Support for California Prop 37 slipping

Marc Lifsher | 
The genetically engineered food labeling initiative once had a 2-1 advantage but an advertising blitz has trimmed the lead to ...

LA Times comes out against Prop 37

There's a growing gap between what grocery shoppers think they know about their food and the reality. Those tomatoes with ...
FDA logo green

Chilling effect of FDA slowness on approving GM animals that would lead to sustainable foods

Rosie Mestel | 
A salmon with designer DNA has been in regulatory limbo since the Food and Drug Administration concluded that the fish ...

Scientists fret over FDA slowness on genetically altered animals

Rosie Mestel | 
Scientists have created a genetically modified milk that lacks a key protein involved in triggering allergies — an impressive technical ...
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Poll finds California’s Prop. 37 is likely to pass

Marc Lifsher | 
By more than a 2-to-1 margin, California voters favor an initiative to require food manufacturers and retailers to label fresh ...
cartoon brain

Zombie alert? Male DNA found in women’s brains might prevent disease

Melissa Healy | 
Male DNA found in the brains of women appears to have come from male fetuses they carried when pregnant, and ...

Whole Foods endorses genetically modified food labeling measure

Marc Lifsher | 
Whole Foods Market, the upscale seller of organic products and other "natural" foods, has endorsed a California initiative that would ...

First human whole-brain genetic map created

Jon Bardin | 
A team at the Allen Institute for Brain Science has created the first human brain-wide map of gene expression data ...
prop label

Prop. 37: Another example of the perils of the initiative process?

Michael Hiltzik | 
Love it or hate it, the one thing you can say for sure about California's ballot initiative process is that ...

As drought hits corn, biotech firms see lush field in GMO crops

Ricardo Lopez | 
The worst U.S. drought in half a century is withering the nation's corn crop, but it's a fertile opportunity for ...

UC Davis professors warn of high cost of Prop 37

Karin Klein | 
The No on Proposition 37 campaign emailed Thursday to tout a new study by UC Davis professors. It concludes that ...

Genome of ancient Denisovans may help clarify human evolution

Rosie Mestel | 
Our ancestors didn't walk alone: Neanderthals and other ancient peoples shared Earth with them tens of thousands of years ago ...

Older fathers pass on more new genetic mutations to offspring

Rosie Mestel | 
Men who become fathers later in life pass on more brand-new genetic mutations to their offspring, a study has found ...

Gene helps rice grow in phosphorus-poor soils

Rosie Mestel | 
Rice, like all plants, needs phosphorus to grow. But there's a problem for this crop, the most important calorie source ...

Bananas and genetic engineering: Past, present and future

Rosie Mestel | 
Scientists are fighting to protect the hundreds of bananas and plantains people eat around the world from a blizzard of ...

Turning DNA into a hard drive

Eryn Brown | 
Silicon-based computers are fine for typing term papers and surfing the Web, but scientists want to make devices that can ...