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Our brains on trial: How new imaging technology could alter the way courts view ‘neurolaw’ defenses when determining guilt

Genetic Literacy Project | 
States of mind that the legal system cares about — memory, responsibility and mental maturity — have long been difficult ...

DNA of colorblindness: One woman’s take on how the genetic lottery shaped her family

Los Angeles Times | 
My 7-year-old son has fallen in love with Rainbow Loom, the wildly popular sets of pegs and rubber bands kids ...

Hoping a genome test will ID daughter’s mystery disease

Los Angeles Times | 
It isn't easy being 16, social, smart — and sitting in a wheelchair. Lilly Grossman has never been completely "normal" ...
NIH cancer cell

New patterns recognized in genetic profiles of 12 cancers

Los Angeles Times | 
Researchers are trying to catalog the DNA and molecular characteristic of thousands of tumors, to seek out similarities and one ...

Study probes DNA search method that led to ‘Grim Sleeper’ suspect

Los Angeles Times | 
The state of California has been a leader in the use of familial DNA searches -- investigations that seek out ...

Testing patterns of gene expression to tell virus from bacterial infections

Los Angeles Times | 
If you have a little kid, you know the drill. Your child develops a nasty fever, but no one's really ...

Vast cancer genetics database could aid drug discovery

Los Angeles Times | 
Researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., announced that they had assembled the world's largest database of cancer-related genetic variations -- ...
la sci sn ancient mdna study

Ancient bones’ DNA draws a direct line to people living today

Los Angeles Times | 
A study of mitochondrial DNA reveals the long history of the Native American community in northern British Columbia, Canada ...

Genomes provide clues for treating leukemia, endometrial cancers

Los Angeles Times | 
This is an edited excerpt. Efforts to sequence the human genome have revealed genetic risk for disease, and taught us ...

Tumor DNA studies help explain cancer genetics

Los Angeles Times | 
The following is an excerpt. As it has become more efficient and less expensive to analyze the DNA in normal ...

Controversial bird flu research to resume

Los Angeles Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Bird flu researchers said Wednesday that they would end a self-imposed moratorium on controversial experiments ...

Geneticist on DNA privacy: Make it so people don’t care

Los Angeles Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Worried that your genetic information could be revealed?  You should be, says Harvard geneticist George ...

Turning DNA into a hard drive

Los Angeles Times | 
Silicon-based computers are fine for typing term papers and surfing the Web, but scientists want to make devices that can ...
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