New patterns recognized in genetic profiles of 12 cancers

NIH cancer cell
Image via Los Angeles Times. Credit: National Cancer Institute, NIH

Examining the molecular profiles of tumors from 12 different types of cancers, scientists working with the National Institutes of Health-backed Cancer Genome Atlas said they had found striking similarities between tumors originating in different organs.

Their discoveries, made possible by improvements in sequencing technologies and computing methods, could herald a day when cancers are treated based on their genetic profiles, rather than on their tissue of origin, said UC Santa Cruz biomolecular engineer Josh Stuart.

If scientists can find molecular similarities, say, between a rare form of breast cancer and a form of ovarian cancer, they might be able to use a drug known to target the ovarian tumor to treat the unusual subtype of breast cancer.

Read the full, original story here: New hope for treating cancer? Patterns seen in 12 types of tumors

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