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Contemplating human extinction

Contemplating human extinction

Thomas Moynihan | 
Whether designer pathogen or malicious AI, we now recognize many ways to die. But when did people first start actually ...
private cord blood bank public cord blood banking x

Viewpoint: Don’t waste your money on banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood

Mikkael Sekeres | 
[I]n the U.S., the practice of storing umbilical cord blood is steadily on the rise. Banking cord blood in case a ...
unnamed file

Number instinct: Numerical ability is deeply rooted in our shared animal evolution

Andreas Nieder | 
Considering the multitude of situations in which we humans use numerical information, life without numbers is inconceivable. But what was ...
lingo flamingo

Do bilinguals have a lower risk of developing dementia?

Richard Roberts, Roger Kreuz | 
If the benefits of being bilingual spill over to other aspects of cognition, then we would expect to see a ...