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Genetic defect may render local anesthesia useless for some patients

Bryan Nelson | 
Local anesthetic resistance is a rare condition that's so poorly researched that many medical professionals refuse to acknowledge that it's ...

Panera latest consumer-senstive food company to ditch controversial ingredients

Robin Shreeves | 
I think 2015 will go down as the year that food manufacturers and restaurants started ditching ingredients based on consumer ...

How we make breed behavior in working dogs

Jan Dohner | 
In a previous post, “What is a Livestock Guard Dog?,” I described what livestock guard dogs do but it is exceptionally important ...

Target hops on the GMO-free bandwagon with “Simply Balanced”

Robin Shreeves | 
The following is an excerpt. Earlier this month when I did my natural and organic coupon roundup, I included a ...

From fat to fuel: GM bacteria could convert waste into energy

John Platt | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Plant waste has long been seen as a possible source of sustainable biofuels, and new ...
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Scientists dash hopes for dinosaur cloning

John Platt | 
Well this might put a crimp in Steven Spielberg's plans to make "Jurassic Park IV." A team of scientists in ...