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Why scientists are hesitant to declare a species extinct

Scientific American | 
If so many species are going extinct, why don’t we hear about new extinctions every day?  The answer to that ...

De-extinction: How far should humans go in resurrecting lost species?

Revelator | 
The science of resurrecting lost species takes many forms, but collectively it has become known as “de-extinction.” According to advocates ...

Chlamydia is killing koalas—will genetics find a cure?

Scientific American | 
The following is an excerpt. Why do some koalas die from chlamydia and an AIDS-like retrovirus whereas others manage to ...

From fat to fuel: GM bacteria could convert waste into energy

Mother Nature Network | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Plant waste has long been seen as a possible source of sustainable biofuels, and new ...
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Scientists dash hopes for dinosaur cloning

Mother Nature Network | 
Well this might put a crimp in Steven Spielberg's plans to make "Jurassic Park IV." A team of scientists in ...