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White House taking steps to reassure wary public about GMO safety

Claire Foran | 
The White House has a message for America: There's nothing dangerous about genetically modified food that makes it to your ...

Cultural differences over food and GMOs dog US-Europe trade talks

Jerry Hagstrom | 
Everyone in agriculture—from farmers, to agribusiness executives, to the professors who conduct agricultural research—says that decisions ranging from what to ...

It’s easy to get genetic test results, but hard to get anything useful out of it

Sophie Novak | 
Catherine Afarian is the spokesperson for 23andMe, a privately held direct-to-consumer, or DTC, genetic-testing company based in Silicon Valley. The ...
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Always catching colds? Blame it on your socioeconomic status

Brian Resnick | 
New research says that low socioeconomic status is correlated with shorter telomere length and, interestingly, a higher propensity for getting ...
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Why is Myriad still filing patent suits for breast-cancer tests after SCOTUS rebuke?

Brian Resnick | 
Science is complicated, and the US Supreme Court ruled narrowly on the Myriad case: Now lawsuits are flying ...

What is a gene and how does it apply to the law?

Brian Resnick | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Sixty years ago, scientists first discovered DNA, the structure in which a person’s genes ...