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Losing too many brain cells? Even adults can make more, study says

Kristyna Zapletalova | 
Many people think that their adult brain is not capable of generating new cells...[However,] the reality is much more complex ...

With House of Commons decision looming, what are researchers’ opinions on mitochondrial replacement?

On February 3, 2015, the House of Commons will be given the opportunity to approve a remarkable scientific technique: mitochondrial ...

Grandma’s diet and diabetes: Epigenetic link found again

Angela Saini | 
As with so much in science, this story owes a lot to mice. The tale begins with a pregnant mouse ...

‘GMOs, traditional foods can coexist’

Shifa Mwesigye | 
Speaking at a recent public debate at Makerere University's school of Food Technology, Nutrition, and Bio-engineering in Uganda, British environmentalist ...