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Citrus disease threatens $17 billion in annual sales of fresh fruit and juice. Early detection using CRISPR gene editing could help isolate infected trees and prop up an industry in economic free fall

Chuck Gill | 
Penn State and U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists have used cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas technology to develop a diagnostic test that could ...
‘Little crop of horrors’? Genes harvested from carnivorous plants and genetically engineered into tomatoes and other crops could fend off pests

‘Little crop of horrors’? Genes harvested from carnivorous plants and genetically engineered into tomatoes and other crops could fend off pests

Sara LaJeunesse | 
They won’t devour insects with leafy jaws, but with help from carnivorous plant genes, tomatoes, tobacco and other crops could ...
How our genes shape our facial features

How our genes shape our facial features

A'ndrea Elyse Messer | 
"The face tells the outside world about your identity, who you are related to, where your ancestors come from and ...
tomato forks x

Epigenetic breeding could yield enhanced crops—and end run public’s fear of ‘GMOs’

Novel grafted plants — consisting of rootstock epigenetically modified to “believe” it has been under stress — joined to an ...
Woman eating Corn

Antioxidant-rich corn could mitigate symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, study finds

Flavonoids from a specific line of corn act as anti-inflammatory agents in the guts of mice with an inflammatory-bowel-disease-like condition, ...
Plumeria Whiteflies

CRISPR could stop destructive whiteflies from infecting food crops with viral pathogens

Sara LaJeunesse | 
Whiteflies are among the most important agricultural pests in the world, yet they have been difficult to genetically manipulate and ...
sorghum farmers in kenya FARMERS TREND

CRISPR could help immunize Africa’s staple crop sorghum against destructive witchweed parasite

Gail McCormick | 
Sorghum crops in areas where the agricultural parasite striga, also known as witchweed, is common are more likely to have ...
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AI-powered smartphone app helps safeguard African staple crops against climate change

A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool available for free in a smartphone app can predict near-term crop productivity for farmers ...
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Natural GMOs: Parasitic plants steal host DNA to siphon off needed resources

Some parasitic plants steal genetic material from their host plants and use the stolen genes to more effectively siphon off ...
3-3-2019 fotolia scales of justice x

Why it might be possible for children to inherit their parents’ morals

Katie Bohn | 
A new baby is often welcomed with speculation about whether they got their eyes and nose from mom or dad, ...

Gene silencing could ‘fool’ plants into surviving harsh environments

Jeff Mulhollem | 
By temporarily silencing the expression of a critical gene, researchers fooled soybean plants into sensing they were under siege, encountering ...
frosty pod rot cacao Mycologia alme et al

CRISPR chocolate? Gene editing boosts cacao trees’ disease resistance

Chuck Gill | 
Use of the powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 could help to breed cacao trees that exhibit desirable traits such as enhanced ...
American chestnut allen breed ap

GMO rescue of American chestnut tree may take longer than anticipated

Jeff Mulhollem | 
The nearly century-old effort to employ selective breeding to rescue the American chestnut, which has been rendered functionally extinct by ...
Screen Shot at PM

Honey bee defenses could be strengthened through genes linked to stress resilience

Sara LaJeunesse | 
A core set of genes involved in the responses of honey bees to multiple diseases caused by viruses and parasites ...
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Widely-held belief that food production must double by 2050 to feed growing population ‘not supported by data’

"Food production must double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population." This truism has been repeated so often in ...
parasitic weed e

Sneak attack: Parasitic weeds may steal genes from plants to arm themselves

Matt Swayne | 
Sneaky parasitic weeds may be able to steal genes from the plants they are attacking and then use those genes ...

Crop biotechnology and the challenges of feeding a world of ten billion

Drew Kershen, Nina Fedoroff | 
Note: This study by Drew Kershen and Nina Fedoroff is available for free download at: The latest United Nations population ...

Genome instability studies could change treatment for cancer and other diseases

Seth Palmer | 
The following is an edited excerpt. As our cells grow, reproduce, and die, DNA is repeatedly replicated and repaired, and ...
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