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How culture shapes the evolution of our genes

Nicholas Christakis | 
The well worked out examples of the impact of human culture in re-shaping our own evolution are riveting, I think ...
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Ethical debates swirl around gene-editing decisions

Joselin Linder | 
[Editor's note: Joselin Linder is the author of the book "The Family Gene: A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance ...

How male DNA finds its way into women’s brains

Suzanne Sadedin | 
Do women retain DNA from every man they have ever slept with? No. [But this study] found male cells in 37 out ...
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USDA’s decision to not regulate CRISPR mushroom, other ‘knockout’ crops sets up potential conflict with Europe

Christopher VanLang | 
The ruling of the USDA to not examine the CRISPR-modified mushrooms was initially a huge shock to me when I ...