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Life on Earth originated on Mars? Here’s the intriguing case

Life on Earth originated on Mars? Here’s the intriguing case

Nicole Karlis | 
Though the idea that life started on Mars before migrating on Earth sounds like some far-fetched sci-fi premise, many renowned ...
Understanding the ‘post-truth’ world: Is cognitive bias hard-wired?

Understanding the ‘post-truth’ world: Is cognitive bias hard-wired?

Lee McIntyre | 
One of the deepest roots of post-truth has been with us the longest, for it has been wired into our ...
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Are all anti-vaxxers kooks? Here is one couple’s journey to vaccine rejection and what might change their minds

Jonathan Berman | 
Anti-vaccine parents are deeply concerned with being good parents. They are college educated and usually members of the middle class ...

CRISPR breakthrough — gene edited lizards

Nicole Karlis | 
According to a study published in the journal Cell Reports [August 27], a group of scientists at the University of Georgia successfully ...

While managed honeybees get all the attention, some native pollinators ‘dwindle toward extinction’

Nathanael Johnson | 
Those honeybees you’ve been fretting over are getting native bumblebees sick. A new study shows that viruses infecting domestic honeybees ...

Viewpoint: Even as a doctor, I didn’t understand my 23andMe breast cancer risk analysis

Pamela Munster | 
Anyone can order 23andMe — with less than $150 and a small tube of saliva, you can learn much about ...
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De-extinction debate: Why we should bring back the woolly mammoth

Katherine Clover | 
De-extinction is just what it sounds like: taking a species that has gone extinct, and through cloning or genetic engineering, ...
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Viewpoint: Vertical farming not nearly as feasible as popular media reports

Stan Cox | 
[In] their efforts to develop a system that sustainably supplies cities with a large share of their food, theorists and ...
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Food Evolution director defends documentary as pro-data, pro-science

Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Tom Roston | 
[Scott Hamilton] Kennedy goes deep here with his answers to Salon’s questions, judiciously explaining what others might consider blasphemy. ...
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DNA testing can take you on the ride of your lifetime

David Updike | 
Genealogy — thanks in part to genetic testing of companies like, National Geographic and the PBS series “Finding Your ...

Modern food technologies let us choose to spend time in the kitchen, or not to

Jayson Lusk | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. According to a new ...
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EWG Verified: Anti-GMO Environmental Working Group rolling out big bucks food scare label

Jenny Splitter | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The strange thing about ...

‘Making a Murderer’ touches on twisted history of white supremacy, eugenics

Kate Tuttle | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Everyone in the world, ...
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Anti-GMO, organic movement exploit ‘sancti-mommy’ scare strategy

Jenny Splitter | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The idea that GMOs, ...

Understanding the biology of addictive behavior

Laura Miller | 
Once, addictions were viewed as failures of character and morals, and society responded to drunks and junkies with shaming, scolding ...

How much useful information can genetic testing provide about disease?

Dawn Field | 
Reading a genome sequence is like consulting an oracle in many ways—the messages must be interpreted carefully and often in ...

Why dieting won’t help you lose weight, explained by evolution

Traci Mann | 
When it comes to keeping weight off, a combination of circumstances conspires against you. Each one on its own makes ...

Truth about small farmers: They can’t make a living

Jaclyn Moyer | 
I wondered how many small farmers, like myself, actually made a living. I looked into national statistics. Only the largest ...

Successful hand transplant relies on brain’s ability to rewire itself

Lauren Neergaard | 
Recovery of feeling can gradually improve for years after a hand transplant, suggests a small study that points to changes ...

Ag companies accused of using ‘dangerous pesticides’ at Kaua’i test farms

Paul Koberstein | 
The bodies and minds of children living on the Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i are being threatened by exposure to chlorpyrifos, ...
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Critics say new multi herbicide resistant GMO crops will exacerbate ‘superweed’ problem

Lindsay Abrams | 
Move over, Roundup Ready crops. After gaining USDA approval last week, new generation of genetically modified corn and soybeans is ...

Corporate DNA testing could put our genetic privacy at risk

Benjamin Winterhalter | 
There is another aspect of 23andMe’s business, one which has received less attention from the media (with the exception of ...

Critics: “GMO OMG” is manipulative polemic

Lindsay Abrams | 
The debate surrounding genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, is as complicated as it is controversial. But the reviews coming in for Jeremy ...

Can GMO trees save our forests?

Maureen Nandini Mitra | 
In late May, forest biologists, geneticists, and forestry industry officials from across the world gathered at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel ...

Heirloom tomatoes could save mankind

Jocelyn C. Zuckerman | 
When I came home from the farmer’s market last week juggling two giant bags of tomatoes, my kids looked at ...
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Kauai’s GMO debate widens the gap between farmers and concerned residents

Adam Skolnick | 
Supporters of Kauai's resolution 2491 claim pesticide use is causing a rise in cancer, while opponents of the bill fear ...

Is it anti-science to be anti-GMOs?

Lindsay Abrams | 
“The science is quite clear: crop improvement by the modern molecular techniques of biotechnology is safe.” So asserts the consensus statement on ...

A family exploration of three generations of genetics

David Ewing Duncan | 
In 2008, my 19-year-old daughter, Danielle, took the same type of DNA test for breast and ovarian cancer that actress ...
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