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Inside the brains of Neanderthals: Were they capable of ‘symbolic and abstract thinking’?

Anna Goldfield | 
We know from the archaeological record that much of Neanderthal hunting, foraging, and toolmaking behavior was quite similar to that ...

Extinct strain of hepatitis B found in human remains suggests virus had greater diversity

Diana Kwon | 
Despite its prevalence, little is known about the ancestral roots of the [hepatitis B] virus. New findings, published [May 9] in Nature, ...

Sunghir: What the strange paleolithic burial site tells us about ancient humans

Lea Surugue | 
Around 34,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers who roamed the Russian plains started to bury their dead at the site of Sunghir, ...
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Evidence ancient humans not ‘violent apes’ but distinctly compassionate

Penny Spikins | 
[Editor's note: Penny Spikins is an archaeologist who specializes in early prehistory and human origins.] Yes, there is evidence of interpersonal violence ...