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abdominal obesity

Obesity may be linked to malfunctions in cell ‘antennae’

Rosanne Spector | 
Nearly every cell in your body has [a structure called the primary cilium]...It not only looks like an antenna, it ...
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He/She: Brains of men and women hard-wired different because of hormones, genes

Bruce Goldman | 
[In the past, studying sex-based differences in the brain] was not a universally popular idea. The neuroscience community had largely ...
Screen Shot at PM

Food poisoning alert: Salmonella strain prevalent in Africa mutates, slowing health response

Bruce Goldman | 
The Salmonella strains responsible for most food-poisoning cases occurring in developed countries pretty much limit their residence in the human body to the gut...But a ...

Stem cells pinpoint how mutation common in East Asians increases heart disease risk

Krista Conger | 
More than 500 million people worldwide carry a genetic mutation that disables a common metabolic protein called ALDH2. The mutation, which predominantly ...

GMOs + tobacco = life saving vaccines

Erin Digitale | 
Plants could act as safe, speedy factories for personalized treatments against a common form of cancer, according to recent findings ...

Uncharted waters of whole genome sequencing

Paul Costello | 
A few years ago, when I spoke with Euan Ashley, MD, associate professor of medicine and of genetics, about the ...

New technique to amplify ancient DNA for study

Krista Conger | 
Really old human DNA (we’re talking thousands of years) holds amazing secrets about our distant past. What did we look ...