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This ‘simple blood test’ could catch concussions missed by CT scans

Suzanne Leigh | 
Many patients with concussion have normal CT scans and are discharged from the hospital without follow-up. But a blood test ...
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Using CRISPR to map human gene functions

Nicholas Weiler | 
UC San Francisco scientists have used a high-throughput CRISPR-based technique to rapidly map the functions of nearly 500 genes in ...

Autism linked to electrical firing of neurons, neuron-controlled brain size

Dana Smith | 
Researchers at UC San Francisco have developed a new genetic model of autism, using neurons created in the lab from ...
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Cancer treatments could be guided by evolving ratio of mutated/normal driver genes

Pete Farley | 
Choosing among cancer treatments increasingly involves determining whether tumor cells harbor specific, mutated “oncogenes” that drive abnormal growth and that ...

Molecular ‘Rosetta Stone’ could provide insight into autism

Nicholas Weiler | 
Distinct sets of genetic defects in a single neuronal protein can lead either to infantile epilepsy or to autism spectrum ...

Genetic analysis reveals striking diversity of Mexican people

Kristen Bole | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In the most comprehensive ...

UCSF study identifies thousands of previously unknown RNA molecules

Jeffrey Norris | 
The following is an excerpt. A new UC San Francisco study highlights the potential importance of the vast majority of ...

Genes involved in birth defects may also lead to mental illness

Jeffrey Norris | 
The following is an excerpt. Gene mutations that lead to major birth defects may also cause subtle disruptions in the ...