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Why it’s important to have a public discussion about Kanye West’s erratic behavior

Allison Hagan, Tonya Mosley | 
In 2018, [Kanye] West revealed he has a mental illness. Some mental health advocates are now pushing for the media ...
lab meat

Lab-grown, plant-based meats raise thorny ethical questions about animal welfare, sustainability

Irene Li | 
Meatless Monday. “Vegetable-forward” restaurants. Plant-based diets. Foregoing meat is more mainstream than ever before, and at the center of this ...
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Testing Zika on consenting humans: Were ethicists right to get in the way?

Paul McLean | 
This was the proposal: Deliberately infect a small group of consenting adults with the Zika virus to learn about the ...
Screen Shot at PM

Fact checking Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

Dan Charles | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Following Here & Now host Jeremy ...

For $9,000, your personal genome sequenced

Carrie Tian | 
If you’ve got $9,000 handy and a hankering to learn more about your genetic roadmap, here’s your chance. Partners Healthcare, ...