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Omega-3 GMO canola oil, poised to reduce overfishing, ready for sale into global aquaculture market

Peter Hemphill | 
THE first commercial quantities of omega-3 oils grown from canola in the US by Nuseed are ready to sell into ...

GM disease-resistant wheat closer to commercialization after successful field trial

Madeleine Stuchbery | 
A joint venture project between the [Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation] and a US foundation has had recent success ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops are ‘natural step’ in long history of plant breeding innovations

Matthew Cossey | 
Humanity has been benefiting from plant science innovations since the Egyptians first bred edible corn more than 2000 years ago ...
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10 years of GMO canola in Australia: How have farmers fared?

Fiona Myers | 
When genetically modified crops were first mooted for Victorian farmers, agronomic advantages were the last thing that received publicity. Ten ...
South Australia's ban on GMO crops could be overturned as Liberal Party takes power

South Australia’s ban on GMO crops could be overturned as Liberal Party takes power

Lyndal Reading | 
The victory by the Liberal Party in the South Australian election, may lead to a new era of choice for ...
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GMO canola high in omega-3 oils up for regulatory approval in Australia

Lyndal Reading | 
The first genetically modified canola with health benefits is being scrutinised by [Australia's] Office of the Gene Technology Regulator. The ...
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Australia imports over 60 GMO food crops—but farmers can only grow one

Peter Hunt | 
Food derived from 60 genetically modified crops can be imported into Australia, but local growers can only grow one GM ...
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GM ryegrass feed could help reverse Australia’s ‘dairy crisis’

Paula Fitzgerald | 
The Australian dairy industry has experienced 15 months of “disruption” (to coin a trendy term). For many, this has resulted ...
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Consumer opposition stalls GM feed crops that could revolutionize Australia’s dairy industry

Peter Hunt | 
The [Australian] dairy industry’s greatest innovations in a generation — genetically modified high-energy ryegrass and virus-resistant clover — have still ...

New biofortified GMO rice will cost farmers no more than conventional

Ian Royall, Lyndal Reading | 
A NEW genetically modified rice variety could improve the health of people suffering from nutrient deficiencies in Asia. The variety, ...

Independent economic think tank argues Australia should drop all state level GMO bans

Natalie Kotsios | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. All moratoriums on genetically modified ...