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roundup spray

Canada says Monsanto weed killer Roundup unlikely to cause cancer—should consumers be relieved?

Laura Rance | 
Health Canada has delivered some reassuring news for people worried about glyphosate [Monsanto's Roundup] in their food and the environment ...

‘War’ against GM crops worries pioneer in field

Laura Rance | 
The fact opposition to biotechnology, specifically genetically modified organisms (GMOs), remains as strong as it is nearly 20 years after ...
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Bowman v. Monsanto is not about the save-the-seeds myth

Cami Ryan | 
If a farmer wishes to forgo the advantages of GM seed, he or she can simply use older, unrestricted crop ...
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Wolf found in New Brunswick for first time in 150 years, testing confirms

Genetic testing has confirmed that an animal fatally shot last month by a hunter in northern New Brunswick was a ...