Viewpoint: Food safety could be jeopardized in the EU if fungicides that kill cancer-causing toxins are banned

There are many countries that some Europeans will never visit, yet they eat food from these places every day. –For ...

Greenpeace legal challenge fails to stop Kenya’s food imports

A Greenpeace-endorsed lawsuit to prevent Kenya’s government from importing maize to ease predicted food shortages has been rendered moot due ...
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Talking Biotech: Can biofortified GMO soybeans help tackle vitamin A deficiency?

Plant scientist Monica Schmidt: By modifying only one gene, a new variety of soybeans has higher levels of beta-carotene than ...
Public health breakthrough: US and Indian scientists work together on genetic solutions to food toxins

Public health breakthrough: US and Indian scientists work together on genetic solutions to food toxins

Genetically engineered peanuts that are immune to aflatoxin contamination, which is associated with an increased risk of liver cancer, would ...
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Talking Biotech: How genetic engineering can reduce cancer-causing contaminants in peanuts

Plant pathologist Dilip Shah: GMO peanuts could help eliminate a potent threat to human health in the developing world ...
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Can online gamers help developing nations solve aflatoxin crop contamination?

Puzzle solvers at the website, a crowdsourcing project, are being asked to look for new and efficient ways to ...

Genetic engineering and gene silencing could fight deadly crop mycotoxins—if not blocked by activists

Aflatoxins are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in crop losses annually. Farmers have struggled to control the troublesome ...
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Did GMO connection prompt Gates Foundation to halt support for corn-aflatoxin breakthrough?

When Gates Foundation reviewers rejected a researcher's bid for new funding, one of the reasons cited was a concern over ...

GMO corn that resists cancer-causing aflatoxin showcases biotech’s life-saving potential

The creation of GM corn that neutralizes a cancer-causing toxin is a game-changer for human health. The method could be ...
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