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Making sense of the patchwork US regulatory system for genetically engineered crops and animals

The faster-growing genetically engineered AquaAdvantage Salmon took 20 years of regulatory scrutiny to gain approval, while the non-browning gene-silenced Arctic ...

Current biotech regulations create animal and crop approval blocks and bottlenecks but gene editing may open new doors

The cost of current biotech industry regulations might not be obvious to consumers, but it’s clear to researchers. “We’ve got ...
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USDA scraps overhaul of GMO and gene edited crop regulations that biotech advocates viewed as ‘unscientific’

The Trump administration withdrew a proposed USDA rule change made by the Obama administration that would have been the first ...
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Viewpoint: Outdated regulations responsible for recall, destruction of harmless GE petunias

An outdated policy leading to the destruction of 50 varieties of harmless flowers provides evidence that regulatory GMO practices need ...
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