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Dementia’s ‘biological weak spot’: A single mutation helped this woman evade Alzheimer’s for decades

A cruel twist of genetic fate brought Alzheimer’s disease to a sprawling Colombian family. But thanks to a second twist, ...
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‘Super rare’ mutation protected Colombian woman from Alzheimer’s disease

Most of the time when we think about genetic mutations, we think about the ones that spell disaster. But sometimes, ...

Alzheimer’s disease targeted with gene therapy trial

There’s a test for Alzheimer’s risk that genetic counselors don’t like to talk about. It’s not that they’re hiding the ...
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Gene therapy could offer ‘one-time genetic tune-up’ for Alzheimer’s patients

No one knows for certain what causes Alzheimer’s disease. But one fact about the condition has gained nearly irrefutable status ...

Why those sleepless nights could increase your Alzheimer’s risk

New research suggests bad sleep causes a build-up of plaque associated with Alzheimer’s ...
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Concussion risk: How much weight should genetics carry

As we attempt to establish risk factors for concussions and similar traumas, how much weight should we give genetics? ...

Controversial recommendation: American College of Medical Geneticists warns against Alzheimer gene tests

Citing inconclusive results and lack of medical treatments, the national authority on genetic testing recommends against not to test for ...
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