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CRISPR might save Cavendish bananas from extinction—but would it be a long-term solution?

Supermarket shelves may still be stocked chock-full of bananas, but the industry is growing increasingly alarmed. The fungal disease [TR-4], ...
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UK biotech firm poised to test disease-resistant CRISPR bananas and coffee in South America

Norwich food-tech firm Tropic Biosciences is set to push the development of its gene-edited bananas and coffee into field trials ...
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Podcast: CRISPR might save the banana from deadly disease. Will consumers get behind the technology?

Cavendish bananas seem to be abundant in grocery stores, but a fungus has been threatening its existence for years, and ...

Why Ugandan banana breeders say it’s critical to add genetic engineering to their toolbox

Ugandan researchers have been successful at developing robust hybrid bananas through conventional breeding techniques. Yet they see a strong need ...
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Can biotechnology defuse the looming ‘bananapocalypse’?

Scientists have developed GMO bananas resistant to a destructive disease sweeping across the globe. But they may never reach the ...
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Talking Biotech: How USAID uses GMO crops to improve food security around the world

USAID science advisor Angela Records: Disease-resistant GMO cassava, bananas show promise in improving food security in developing countries ...
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In Uganda, anti-GMO scare tactics even taint conventional hybrid crops

Uganda is moving closer to allowing cultivation of GMO crops. But there is considerable confusion among the Ugandan public over ...

South African saga: Anti-GMO activist groups’ disinformation campaign against new disease-resistant corn

South Africa's corn is already more than 90 percent GMO. An application to introduce an improved, disease-fighting variety has revved ...
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