hummingbird bee crisis

Viewpoint: ‘Bird apocalypse’? Study wrongly blames neonicotinoid pesticides for declining bird biodiversity

Though periodic deaths of bees continue to happen, and have been documented for as long as records of bees have ...
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What’s missing from claims that neonicotinoids are killing bees, birds and fish?

Criticism of pesticides is often undeserved -- and sometimes absolutely bizarre ...
hummingbird bee crisis

Challenging media narrative about the ‘birds and the bees’—neither faces serious threats from neonicotinoids or other crop chemicals

Discarding this valuable crop protection tool is a questionable strategy ...

Study claiming neonic pesticides harm wild birds has no relevance to real-world conditions, plant geneticist argues

Capturing wild birds and force-feeding 3-10% of a lethal dose (of anything) is cruel. It’s not surprising birds would become ...

Sorghum gene could help cut massive crop damage caused by birds without harming them

A single gene in sorghum controls bird feeding behavior by simultaneously regulating the production of bad-tasting molecules and attractive volatiles, ...
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North American bird populations dropped 30% over 50 years, but causes hard to ‘pin down’

North America’s birds are disappearing from the skies at a rate that’s shocking even to ornithologists. Since the 1970s, the ...
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Neonicotinoid insecticides threaten birds? Friends of the Earth botches the science, entomologist says

Usually the Friends of the Earth emails are about some environmental cause that makes me chuckle. They’re always on the ...
hybrid bird

Three bird species in one? Inside a warbler’s puzzling DNA

A Pennsylvania birder spotted the bird of a lifetime in his backyard this past spring—it was a hybrid of three ...
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This ‘hot mess’ bird links dinosaur and avian evolution

Yes, birds are technically modern dinosaurs. But sometimes it’s tough to tell where the non-avian dino ends and the bird begins ...
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Viewpoint: Neonicotinoid use on field crops should be reined in

Planting season for corn and soybeans across the U.S. corn belt is drawing to a close. As they plant, farmers are participating ...

Suffering for the love of birds: A scientist’s battle to save birds — and now her career

PETA begins to harass and intimidate a rising researcher in the field of animal behavior, scientist Kevin Folta urges the ...
Jurassic Park film still

Headlines tout Jurassic World in offing but scientists, journalists separate fact from fiction

A real-life "Jurassic World" with genetically engineered dinosaurs is an enthralling or frightening scenario — depending upon your perspective — ...
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