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GM insect-resistant Bt corn boosts crop yields over 30%, cuts insecticide use 78% in Vietnam, study finds

This study assessed the farm-level economic and environmental impacts from the use of genetically modified (GM) corn in Vietnam (resistant ...
benefits to the soil by earthworms

New meta-analysis finds Bt crops have no impact on soil biota

A new meta-analysis finds that genetically modified Bt crops — in stark contrast to some pesticides — have no impact ...

Anti-GMO activists move to block Bt insect-resistant eggplant field trials in India

Ten years after imposing a moratorium on commercial release of genetically modified Bt Brinjal, the [federal government] has now allowed ...
pest resistant cowpea gmo brandspurng

GMO Bt cowpea could save Nigeria millions in crop imports annually

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) says Nigeria can save billions of naira if it cuts down on its importation ...
organic produce

Viewpoint: Produce is sugary, GMO ‘poison’? Scientific American embraces long-debunked food safety tropes

The lies and distortions start early in this appalling Scientific American article -- and they keep going to the end ...

Bt insect-resistant crops don’t cause allergies, European safety oversight organization reaffirms

Following a request from the European Commission, [the European Food Safety Authority] assessed the scientific publication by Santos‐Vigil et al ...
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