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Without glyphosate, farmers in seven Asian countries face $1.4-$1.9 billion increase in weed control costs, study finds

PG Economics | 
A new paper published in the journal Agbioforum points to higher weed control costs, less effective weed control, more difficult access ...

Post-Brexit, UK should abandon EU’s misguided biotech crop rules, researcher urges

PG Economics | 
Failure to diverge from some aspects of EU regulation of crop biotechnology and new breeding techniques (NBTs) after Brexit will ...
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Growing GMO soybeans in South America cut greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 3.3 million cars from the road

GM Crops and Food | 
This study assesses the economic and environmental impacts that have arisen from the adoption and use of genetically modified (GM) ...
blog women in rural south africa take on climate change

GMO crops provide billions in economic benefits each year—with majority going to farmers in developing countries, industry analysis says

PG Economics | 
This paper estimates the value of using genetically modified (GM) crop technology in agriculture at the farm level. It follows ...
Global glyphosate herbicide ban would cause substantial damage to economy and environment, study shows

Global glyphosate herbicide ban would cause substantial damage to economy and environment, study shows

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A new study finds that a ban on glyphosate would cause billions of dollars in economic losses and increase the ...
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Podcast: Global ag biotech snapshot: Is GMO adoption on the decline?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
UK researcher Graham Brooke on the rising economic and regulatory costs of crop biortechnology--Is it worth it? ...

Why Danny Hakim’s New York Times GMO exposé misleads

Genetic Literacy Project | 
An agricultural economist analyzes the New York Times' takedown of GMO crops ...

Labeling GMOs not equivalent to nutritional labels, will be costly

Forbes | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In the fight over ...

Herbicide-tolerant crops still need diverse weed management

GM Crops & Food | 
Crops that have been genetically modified (GM) to be tolerant to herbicides have been widely grown in the U.S. since ...

Viewpoint: Debunking ‘the big lie’ about genetically engineered crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
This article originally ran at Forbes and has been republished here with permission of the author. In spite of two ...

Groundbreaking tech — including GM — smothered by anti-technology ideologues

Forbes | 
The following is an excerpt Groundbreaking new technologies commonly face intractable opposition from various quarters–often from vested interests or societal ...

GM reactionaries deny science

Project Syndicate | 
The following is an excerpt: After the cultivation of more than a billion hectares of GM crops worldwide – and ...