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bioterrorism preparedness

Biomedicine, vaccines and antibiotics dramatically better human lives, but critics raise specter of ‘dangerous viruses’ and bioterrorism

Martin Rees | 
Although continued innovation will further improve people’s lives, it will also give rise to new threats. … True, better diagnostics, ...
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Hype and agroecology: Is ‘low input’ farming better for the environment and economy?

Henry Miller | 
[Editor's note: Henry Miller, physician and molecular biologist, is a fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at Stanford University’s ...
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Crops raised for industrial meat production contribute to unsustainable agriculture practice

Barbara Unmüssig | 
The way we eat in the industrialized world is unhealthy, unjust, and unsustainable. Far too much of the meat we ...

Potentially lifesaving GMO-derived medicines face regulatory roadblocks

Henry Miller | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  Obtaining medicines from plants ...

GE can help address California’s drought

Henry Miller | 
The United Nations has called drought the “world’s costliest natural disaster,” both financially, imposing an annual cost of $6-8 billion, and in ...

GM mosquitoes can control mosquito menace, if politics doesn’t block development

Henry Miller, John Cohrssen | 
Mosquito-borne diseases kill millions of people annually, and cause suffering for many more. It takes only one bite from a disease-carrying ...

Princeton bioethicist/activist Peter Singer makes case to soften opposition to GMOs, Golden Rice

Peter Singer | 
When genetically modified crops were first developed in the 1980’s, there were grounds for caution. Would these crops be safe ...

‘Good for nature, good for you’? Not so fast: Breaking down the myths of organic farming

Henry Miller | 
(Summary) "Organic fruits and vegetables were, on average, no more nutritious than their cheaper conventional counterparts," Henry Miller said on ...

Gene pool rules: The ethics of human evolutionary engineering

Maxwell Mehlman | 
The following is an excerpt. For thousands of years, humans have used genetic engineering to control the evolution of plants ...
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How to genetically engineer humans, safely

Maxwell Mehlman | 
In a post for Project Syndicate, biomedical ethics professor Maxwell Mehlman outlines the challenges of safely genetically engineering humans. Among ...

GM reactionaries deny science

Graham Brookes, Henry Miller | 
The following is an excerpt: After the cultivation of more than a billion hectares of GM crops worldwide – and ...

Personalized medicine’s perverse economics

Donna Dickenson | 
In pharmacogenetics, genetic typing is used to determine a patient's likely response to drugs, and create a personalized drug regime ...