Do rising carbon dioxide levels dampen our ability to think and make decisions?

As the 21st century progresses, rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations will cause urban and indoor levels of the gas ...
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How beer brewers and marijuana growers are teaming up to help address the climate crisis

The state of Colorado and three small businesses are trying a novel approach to reduce carbon emissions that sounds like ...
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Tree planting can help slow global warming, but it’s no panacea, climate experts say

.... There’s room to plant enough trees, albeit many, many, many trees, to counter a big chunk of the planet-warming ...
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‘Artificial leaf’ converts CO2 into biofuel, potential new strategy in battle to slow climate change

Scientists have created an “artificial leaf” to fight climate change by inexpensively converting harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into a useful ...
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‘Supercharged’ GMO crops could store 20 times more CO2 than average plant

Scientists are experimenting with new genetic modification technology that “supercharges” plants to enhance what they already excel at– sequestering carbon ...
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Is lab-grown meat really a solution to climate change?

To tackle the threat of climate change, there has been a proliferation of harebrained solutions. Right now, the fad du ...
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Engineered plants with deeper roots could store more CO2, help slow climate change

Hidden underground networks of plant roots snake through the earth foraging for nutrients and water, similar to a worm searching ...

How do we stem climate change? Suck a trillion tons of CO2 underground

[In May], carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere surpassed 415 parts per million, the highest in human history. Environmental experts ...
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Podcast: Synthetic ‘light switch’ boosts photosynthesis to increase crop yields

One of the limiting factors in photosynthesis is the plant’s ability to take up carbon dioxide to assimilate into carbohydrates ...
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How global climate change makes it harder to farm: Higher CO2 levels, warmer temperatures may spur glyphosate resistance in some weeds

Herbicides are the most commonly used means of controlling weeds. Recently, there has been growing concern over the potential impacts ...
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Warmer temperatures may preserve nutritional quality of food crops—at the expense of lower yields

Recent research has shown that rising carbon dioxide levels will likely boost yields, but at the cost of nutrition. A ...
Rice plants engineered to take up more CO2 could boost crop yields as much as 27%

Rice plants engineered to take up more CO2 could boost crop yields as much as 27%

A new bioengineering approach for boosting photosynthesis in rice plants could increase grain yield by up to 27%, according to ...
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Viewpoint: Lab-grown meat isn’t as ‘clean’ as you might think

There are many polarizing false dichotomies around this emerging technology ...
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Is climate change ‘robbing’ our food of nutrients?

Is it possible to starve yourself of nutrients while simultaneously gaining weight? .... According to a growing body of research, ...
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Plants are great at storing CO2. These scientists aim to make them even better.

Researchers around the world are working to improve plants’ ability to combat climate change. Editor's note: This article was originally ...
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