Is lab-grown meat really a solution to climate change?

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Image: Lindsey Benne

To tackle the threat of climate change, there has been a proliferation of harebrained solutions. Right now, the fad du jour for climate activists is cultured meat. Fawning editorial coverage paints a picture of a world where every burger is grown in a lab.

While few would eagerly choose a burger grown in a petri dish — even proponents of cultured meat admit as much — the environmental benefit is touted as paramount to our gut reaction. One startup claims its process would produce less than a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions compared with raising livestock.

Such claims are boloney. Cultured meat is not the answer to our problems.

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In fact, it may actually be worse for the environment than raising livestock. Consider a recent Oxford study that gauged the environmental impact of raising livestock and found that the traditional metrics which compare it with lab-grown meat are flawed.


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