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Is lab-grown meat really a solution to climate change?

Robin Ganzert | 
To tackle the threat of climate change, there has been a proliferation of harebrained solutions. Right now, the fad du ...
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Ohio governor candidate Dennis Kucinich got $120,000 from anti-GMO group

Marty Schladen | 
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich received $122,000 in consulting fees in 2016 from a group that works for food sustainability ...
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North American Indians used selection to genetically modify ancient crops, research shows

Brad Lepper | 
Ohio’s first farmers, beginning sometime after 5,000 years ago, relied [on] a number of local plants, including sumpweed, goosefoot, maygrass, ...
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Majority of farmers say GMOs allow them to minimize pesticides and conserve water, survey finds

Emily Buck | 
Editor's Note: This article discusses a recent survey by the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and National Corn Growers Association. According ...

How one farmer uses GMO corn to reduce pesticides, increase sustainability

JD Malone | 
In a wide, brown field, Bret Davis opens a pocketknife with a click, kneels down and scrapes through a furrow ...

Courtroom to test next generation DNA analysis

Theodore Decker | 
When DNA evidence began appearing in U.S. courtrooms in the late 1980s, it was heralded as the greatest leap forward ...

Clinician’s take on the promise of therapeutic CRISPR editing in humans

John Barnard | 
A powerful new genetics tool has the potential to correct human disease in a way that was unimaginable a few ...

Scott’s GM lawn grass undergoing home tests

Mary Vanac | 
After nearly two decades of research and some controversy, Scotts Miracle-Gro in Marysville is preparing to test a genetically modified ...
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