Podcast: Giving nature a helping hand - how humans are shaping species

Podcast: Giving nature a helping hand – how humans are shaping species

Dr Kat Arney explores the impact that humans have had on the evolutionary trajectories of the species we share the ...
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Clones, enzymes, stem cells and more: Learn these scientific terms to better understand biotech news

Quite often, you hear about advances in biotechnology in the news .... [Y]ou might feel as if the science and ...
human cloning

‘A real mystery’: Why hasn’t anyone attempted to make a cloned human baby?

For nearly seven years, then, the scientific community has had solid proof that human embryos can be cloned. ...  So ...

Podcast: Where did GMOs come from? The fascinating history of genetic engineering

Forget the headlines about ‘Frankenfoods’ - there's a much richer and more nuanced story to be told about the history ...
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Meet Garlic, China’s first ever cloned cat

Devastated by the death of his previous cat, Garlic, Huang [Yu] sought the services of biotechnology company Sinogene. The Beijing-based ...
mini brains

Cloned mini-brains could boost research into autism, other disorders

An army of free-floating minibrain clones are heading your way!  No, that’s not the premise of a classic sci-fi brain-in-jars ...

Will ‘common sense” keep us from making human clones?

Prominent scientists involved in cloning say they’ve never had any intention of replicating a person — and are as wary ...
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Revolutionary hybrid plant clones could cut costs for farmers

Plant biologists at the University of California, Davis, have discovered a way to make crop plants replicate through seeds as clones ...
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Can we ‘build’ a better banana with genetic engineering?

Reproductively, domesticated banana plants are self-copying machines .... With the emergence of the 20th century, the confluence of the Industrial ...
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‘Incredibly rare’ extinct Siberian horse to be cloned

Scientists recently extracted an almost perfectly preserved prehistoric baby horse from the permafrost of Siberia’s “Mouth of Hell” crater in Yakutia. At ...
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Madonna may suffer from ‘DNA paranoia’

Madonna is famous for her work on stage particularly her singing and performing, but behind the scenes, she's famous for ...
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