autism spectrum disorder managing behaviour

Viewpoint: Should autism be treated as an illness that should be cured?

“Many of the greatest artists, actors, musicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs of all time were and are autistic. We all serve ...
coronavirus drugs

Infographic: From vaccines to drugs, chasing ‘silver bullets’ targeting the fast-moving coronavirus

For drug companies, there is suddenly only one priority: the coronavirus. More than 140 experimental drug treatments and vaccines for ...
hiv positive blood vials large

Cure for AIDS/HIV? Temper expectations.

As we seek an outright cure for HIV/AIDS, our hope should be grounded in reality ...

Viewpoint: Why it’s too soon to predict the arrival date for an Alzheimer’s cure

A new study has inspired headlines claiming a cure for Alzheimer’s disease could be available within six years – but ...
can you get hangover weed hero

Ultimate hangover cure? Could the solution be found in a pill?

Nanocapsules containing a substance that can efficiently break down alcohol quickly could prevent alcohol poisoning, and could work as a ...
jimmy lin genetics davide bonazzi

How the genetics revolution is upending our concept of disease—and how that could improve healthcare

What is a disease? This seemingly abstract and theoretical question is actually among the most practical questions in all of ...
Screen Shot at AM

Could we functionally cure HIV through gene editing?

Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement put AIDs back in the headlines. Gene editing may provide the chance to eliminate the disease ...
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