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Rival COVID vaccine developers issue joint pledge they will not seek government approval until immunizations proven ‘safe and effective’

Wall Street Journal | 
Nine drugmakers said Tuesday their chief executives signed a pledge promising to not file for regulatory approval or authorization of ...
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How long will protective antibodies generated by a vaccine likely work?

Wall Street Journal | 
Only a handful of vaccines generate lifetime immunity for most people, such as the ones for measles, a viral infection ...

Testing irony: Explosion in new COVID-19 infections could speed up vaccine development

Wall Street Journal | 
More than 20 coronavirus vaccines are in human testing, according to the World Health Organization. So far, small, early studies of most ...
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Vaccine danger? Rare complications after getting a shot could increase severity of COVID-19

Wall Street Journal | 
Vaccines are designed to produce immune-system agents, including antibodies, that lock onto a virus and thereby neutralize it. In cases ...
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Three vaccines show the most promise in stimulating immune responses

Wall Street Journal | 
Vaccines being developed by University of Oxford researchers and AstraZeneca; Pfizer and German partner BioNTech; and China’s CanSino Biologics all ...

3 experimental COVID-19 vaccines set for critical testing phase this summer

Wall Street Journal | 
The federal government plans to fund and conduct the decisive studies of three experimental coronavirus vaccines starting this summer, according ...
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First, we need a coronavirus vaccine. Then we need to figure out who gets it first

Wall Street Journal | 
Several drugmakers that have been building up their capabilities to make coronavirus vaccines, have pledged to deliver millions of doses ...
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Infographic: From vaccines to drugs, chasing ‘silver bullets’ targeting the fast-moving coronavirus

Wall Street Journal | 
For drug companies, there is suddenly only one priority: the coronavirus. More than 140 experimental drug treatments and vaccines for ...

Experimental drug targets 17 cancers sharing genetic defect

Wall Street Journal | 
An experimental drug shrank tumors in patients with a variety of cancers sharing the same genetic defect, new studies found, ...
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How will approval of first copycat biotech drug impact consumer costs?

Wall Street Journal | 
The Food and Drug Administration approved the first copy of a biotechnology drug for the U.S. market, firing the starting ...

23andMe halts marketing efforts

Wall Street Journal | 
Genetic-test maker 23andMe Inc. said Monday, December 2, that it stopped all marketing of its service last week in response ...