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Rival COVID vaccine developers issue joint pledge they will not seek government approval until immunizations proven ‘safe and effective’

Wall Street Journal | 
Nine drugmakers said Tuesday their chief executives signed a pledge promising to not file for regulatory approval or authorization of ...
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How long will protective antibodies generated by a vaccine likely work?

Wall Street Journal | 
Only a handful of vaccines generate lifetime immunity for most people, such as the ones for measles, a viral infection ...
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Flu season threatens to overwhelm doctors and hospitals swamped by COVID

Wall Street Journal | 
Both the new coronavirus and the seasonal flu virus are likely to spread in the fall and winter, and send ...
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COVID-19 vaccine development efforts focusing on protecting the elderly

Wall Street Journal | 
Older adults are especially susceptible to infection by the virus, and at higher risk of falling critically ill and dying, ...
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Infographic: From vaccines to drugs, chasing ‘silver bullets’ targeting the fast-moving coronavirus

Wall Street Journal | 
For drug companies, there is suddenly only one priority: the coronavirus. More than 140 experimental drug treatments and vaccines for ...

USDA, World Health Organization butt heads over use of antibiotics in agriculture

Bloomberg | 
The Trump administration is resisting the World Health Organization’s effort to sharply limit antibiotic use in farm animals... ... The WHO ...