Podcast: From Jurassic Park to woolly mammoths – is it right to bring back extinct species?

Geneticist Kat Arney takes a look at the science of de-extinction, asking whether it's feasible - or even ethical - ...
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De-extinction? Why the woolly mammoth and other lost animals really are gone forever

This information undoubtedly will disappoint “Jurassic Park” fans, but it comes from an expert—Beth Shapiro, the UGA alumna and evolutionary biologist ...
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Is resurrecting the woolly mammoth an ‘unnecessary show of scientific hubris’?

Bringing an extinct species back to life was once firmly in the realm of science fiction, but as genetic engineering ...
passenger pigeon

‘De-extinction’ engineers dream of reviving the lost passenger pigeon

Once the dominant species in eastern North America, passenger pigeons roamed the forests in giant flocks up to several billions ...
synthetic biology

How synthetic biology can solve the problems we’ve created

Human activity has wreaked havoc on the environment. Many of the products we rely on for our daily lives are ...
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Science explainer: We may not resurrect dinosaurs but other extinct animals likely to be revived

De-extinction is moving closer to reality--maybe not Jurassic World real, but a number of more recent animals may soon be ...
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