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Viewpoint: ‘Dicamba Debacle’ stirs questions about the future shape of ‘industrial, intensive agriculture’

The dicamba debacle gives a chance to answer key questions about industrial agriculture with rare specificity ...
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Viewpoint: Dicamba debacle trial forces a reevaluation: Was Monsanto a ‘bonafide bad actor’?

The toll on farmers is infuriating enough. But there could be widespread damage to the environment as well ...

‘Monsanto on the attack’: How an aggressive defense contributed to the ‘dicamba debacle’

It's pretty clear that the ag industry has a problem. But what is the nature of it? ...
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Farmer vs farmer: After tens of thousands of acres of crop damage, what are we to make of the ‘dicamba debacle’?

For dicamba, even more than most ag issues in recent history, the devil is in the details ...
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