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Podcast: Activism’s dark side—Earth Liberation Front bombs ‘GMO’ tree lab, destroys endangered plants instead

Law enforcement agencies keep a watchful eye on environmental groups that have engaged in eco-terrorism, notably Greenpeace and PETA, and ...

Viewpoint: The dark side of biodiversity—Why living ‘in harmony’ with nature is a fantasy

The coronavirus is a brutal reminder to citizens abused by the rhetoric of conservationist movements that biodiversity is also a ...
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Experts ‘overwhelmingly’ endorse CRISPR-edited crop safety, but politics could stifle technology’s progress

Genome edited crops pose marginal risk, yet regulations tend to discourage their use ...

Viewpoint: Environmentalists put nature ahead of human welfare by assaulting ‘unnatural’ GMOs, pesticides

Traditionally, Western thought has conceived of the environment as a set of natural elements that can be domesticated by man ...
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‘Green wave’: Environmentalist gains in EU elections could cut farmer access to key pesticides

The ‘green wave’ which saw environmentalist parties make major gains across the continent in the European elections could threaten the ...

‘Conversion messages’: Ex-GMO skeptics may be best advocates for crop biotech

When a strong advocate for one side of a science controversy now believes the opposite, it can have a big ...
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Viewpoint: Scott Pruitt gone from EPA because of ethical transgressions but regulatory reform of ‘rogue agency’ might be his lasting legacy

Scott Pruitt, who lost his job as head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week after a flood of complaints ...
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