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Global expert survey reveals how regulation can help or hurt crop gene-editing innovation

Biotechnology Reports | 
The adoption of genome editing depends among others, on a clear and navigable regulatory framework that renders consistent decisions. Some ...
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Experts ‘overwhelmingly’ endorse CRISPR-edited crop safety, but politics could stifle technology’s progress

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Genome edited crops pose marginal risk, yet regulations tend to discourage their use ...

Fear of CRISPR-edited crops driven by ‘socio-political factors,’ not science, biotech experts say

Current Research in Biotechnology | 
It should come as no surprise that innovation is linked to uncertainty, especially when its effects are wide-ranging and can ...
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Biotech experts say gene-edited plants will yield greater benefits than GMOs or conventional crops

Transgenic Research | 
Here we present the results of an expert survey on the added potential benefits of genome-edited crops compared to those ...