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What physicists get wrong about free will

It might seem that everything that’s happening at the higher, ‘emergent’ levels should be uniquely determined by the physics operating ...
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Free will doesn’t exist? Why we shouldn’t be swayed by this ‘flawed experiment’

One of the most fervent of late 19th century materialists, T.H. Huxley, described human beings as “conscious automata” with no ...
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Do humans have free will? Neuroscientists seek solution to this ‘philosophical puzzle’

Clinical neuroscientists and neurologists have identified the brain networks responsible for this sense of free will. There seems to be ...

Alien limb syndrome: Understanding how brain injuries can rob the sense of free will

When Ryan Darby was a neurology resident, he was familiar with something called alien limb syndrome, but that did not ...
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Neuroscience of free will: Does reaching for beer with robotic arm mean free will doesn’t exist?

If we can predict a person’s intentions by picking up brain signals then how 'free' is our will and are ...
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