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Food industry splinters on GMO labeling, plant-based products in scramble to meet changing consumer demands

The trillion-dollar food industry was once unified and used to getting its way in the Swamp through the collective might ...
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Viewpoint: From Non-GMO to gluten-free, ‘fake transparency’ in food labeling offers little but higher prices

At what point does food labeling become less about transparency and more about marketing strategy? A new federal law mandating ...

Viewpoint: Democrats’ GMO labeling push is an embarrassment to pro-science progressives

A group of House Democrats, who called the proposed federal GMO labeling standards 'weak' and 'confusing,' are being urged not ...
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2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein, and Johnson on Food, Farming and GMOs

Here is a GMO policy primer, lining up not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but also Libertarian Party candidate ...
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Science moms to celebrity moms: Let’s discuss GMOs, farming, safety and health together

The anti-GMO movement moved away long ago from grounded positions in science to promoting fear, and using celebrities as their ...
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