Can Google’s medical AI improve our medical system? Laboratory results and real life offer different answers

[A] study from Google Health—the first to look at the impact of a deep-learning tool in real clinical settings—reveals that ...
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Second opinion? Google AI spots breast cancer more accurately than radiologists, in trial

Researchers at Google, working alongside experts at Northwestern University and three British medical institutions, have created an AI model that ...
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‘Google maps’ for gene sequencing helps small labs cheaply, quickly develop disease-resistant crops

Australian researchers have developed a tool described as “Google Maps for genes” potentially throwing open the field of genetic manipulation, ...
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Google’s AI beats human doctors at diagnosing lung cancer in study

One of lung cancer’s most lethal attributes is its ability to trick radiologists. Some nodules appear threatening but turn out ...

Google hopes to fix the racial bias problem in artificial intelligence through tech summer camps

Oakland-based nonprofit AI4All [will] expand its outreach to young underrepresented minorities and women with a $1 million grant from, the technology ...

Viewpoint: How organic activists use intimidation and character assassination to attack GMOs

In Part 1,  I described the vendetta by the Russian government's propaganda apparatus against technologies like fracking and modern genetic ...

Building a better brain model by harnessing the power of AI

Neuroscientists have a lot of data on the brain—we can see it, take pictures of it, study it. But for ...
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