Artificial wombs could create seismic shift in the debate over abortion, reproductive rights

The ability to develop a fetus outside the mother's body could be here within decades. That means society will face ...
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Are we ready for the artificial womb?

In the coming years, the obstacles to ectogenesis --development outside of a mother from fertilization to full-term infancy-- will be ...

2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Biomedical Research

GLP continues its series on the presidential candidate's positions on genetics and biotechnology. Today we assess Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and ...
Bernie Sanders

Why it matters that Sanders aligns with conservatives on funding stem cell and cloning research

Bernie Sanders has consistently aligned with social conservatives on human cloning and stem cell research. What could this mean for ...
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Chimera alert? Myths and facts of human-non-human animal hybrids in medicine

Science is making leaps and bounds creating part human and part non-human animal tissues and organs. The applications are medical, ...
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