Why humanity will likely be around for a long time

Will our species go extinct? The short answer is yes. The fossil record shows everything goes extinct, eventually. Almost all ...

How humans might play a role in our own extinction

[W]hat if human extinction was less a cinematic scenario, and instead, a looming reality? That might seem like a sensational ...
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Colonizing other planets could be the key to humanity’s long-term survival

Our species will face no shortage of existential risks in the coming decades, whether it be from nuclear war, climate ...
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Purposeful evolution: Can humanity create its own ‘prosperous’ future?

[H]ow, exactly, do we create a “good” future? What does such a future look like to begin with? In Future Consciousness: ...

Should we strive to engineer better humans?

While proposals like cognitive or moral enhancements to help create a less doomsday-prone population are quite speculative (and on occasion, ...

‘Theory of mind’: Why artificial intelligence needs to understand how we think

What AI needs, [said Dr. Jun Wang at University College London] is a type of deep communication skill that stems from a critical human ...
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Wearable robotic ‘exoskeletons’ merge humanity and machinery

Ever since the appearance of the power loader in the sci-fi classic Aliens, the idea that powered exoskeletons could let workers ...
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