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catastrophic climate change wiping out humanity

What would life on Earth be like if humans were wiped out?

Live Science | 
What would happen to our planet — to our cities, to our industries, to nature — if humans disappeared? There ...

How humans might play a role in our own extinction

Live Science | 
[W]hat if human extinction was less a cinematic scenario, and instead, a looming reality? That might seem like a sensational ...
great value

Feeding microbes expired bread during fermentation could yield cheaper, more sustainable food

Anthropocene | 
Wine, cheese, yoghurt and bread: all these culinary delights owe their existence to the work of microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, ...

Eat less meat to cut CO2 emissions? That may not make your diet climate friendly, study shows

Anthropocene | 
In global diets, meat is not necessarily the main driver of dietary carbon emissions, finds a new study published in ...

Crop diversity worldwide is growing, but wheat, maize (corn), soy, and rice cover almost 50% of farmland worldwide

Anthropocene | 
Global agriculture is increasingly dominated by just a handful of crops with limited genetic richness, says a group of researchers ...
car t

CAR-T cell therapy could drive a ‘revolution’ in cancer treatments

Wired | 
[T]he United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made the landmark decision to approve two ‘drugs’ that use CAR-T cell ...
Screen Shot at AM

Human Genome Project 2: Should scientists synthesize entire human genetic code from scratch?

Wired | 
In May 2016, scientists, lawyers and government representatives converged at Harvard to discuss the Human Genome Project-Write (HGP-Write), a plan ...

Mining Zika for genetic data may reveal how virus evolves, spreads and how it can be stopped

Wired | 
Pardis Sabeti is a computational geneticist who works at the Broad Institute of MIT Harvard, where she pinpoints the genetic ...

Does microbiome health matter to overall health?

Wired | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In 2015, a flurry ...

Sequenced palm oil genome paves the way for sustainable plantations

Guardian | 
Few environmentalists feel any fondness for the oil palm, with its connections to deforestation in the tropics. But the waxy ...

Are biofuels endangering US wildlife?

Guardian | 
The following is an excerpt. A collection of satellite-imaged maps now confirm what were once only rumors: between 2006 and ...