donald trump cure cancer aids florida speech x

Why Donald Trump and other politicians shouldn’t promise a cancer cure

President Trump made a new promise if voters grant him a second term: “We will come up with the cures ...

Things to consider before taking a genetic test for Alzheimer’s risk

Genetic testing is available to people who want to know if they carry a variant of a gene that confers ...
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Inside the battle to convince insurers that chronic fatigue syndrome is a legitimate illness

[Reporter Brian Vastag’s career] came to an end in July 2012, when he found himself afflicted by a mysterious and ...
dna testing

10 questions about consumer genetics tests

So-called direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies like 23andMe, Ancestry and Helix advertise the ability to reveal your ancestry, inform you of ...
gene therapy

Gene therapy challenge: How much should it cost and how do we pay for it?

When evaluating the high prices of one-time gene therapy treatments, should we look to the costs of organ transplants when ...
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