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Nearly 500 Trump-voting US counties have less than 25% of their populations vaccinated, opening door to fall COVID revival

Nearly 500 Trump-voting US counties have less than 25% of their populations vaccinated, opening door to fall COVID revival

Bloomberg | 
As much of the country emerges from masking and social distancing, undervaccinated pockets in the U.S. still threaten to bring ...
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23andMe and weight loss: Can consumer DNA-testing company deliver?

Bloomberg | 
Consumer DNA-testing giant 23andMe Inc. plans to add new wellness offerings it hopes will help its customers shed a few pounds, but ...
dna testing

10 questions about consumer genetics tests

Bloomberg | 
So-called direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies like 23andMe, Ancestry and Helix advertise the ability to reveal your ancestry, inform you of ...

This legal squabble is challenging the way we handle DNA ownership

Gizmodo | 
Toronto businessman Harold Peerenboom and Marvel Entertainment chairman Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter were locked in an absurd suburban skirmish, bickering over ...

Viewpoint: I know my skin better than a ‘DNA-optimized’ skincare routine does

Gizmodo | 
LifeDNA purports to take your DNA data from companies like 23andMe, and, relying on findings from “over 1,100 peer-reviewed studies,” ...
pet dna

DNA health and and ancestry test for pets? Why would you want to do that?

Gizmodo | 
The market for at-home DNA tests has exploded. Curious to find out about their ancestry, risk of disease, diet, and athletic ...

Death of controversial biohacker Aaron Traywick puts movement at ‘crossroads’

Atlantic | 
At just 28, [Aaron] Traywick was among the most infamous figures in the world of biohacking—the grandiose CEO of a ...
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Writer agrees to be biohacked. Now she wonders if it was worth it

Gizmodo | 
Grinders are hackers, but the hardware they aim to hack is the human body. They are transhumanist in the most ...

44 genetic variants linked to depression — and we may all carry some of them

Gizmodo | 
Depression is a tricky beast. Symptoms vary widely from person to person, as does the response to treatment. But there’s no ...

The ambitious effort to sequence the DNA of earth’s 1.5 million animals, plants and fungi

Gizmodo | 
In what will undoubtedly be the largest genomic sequencing effort of all time, an international consortium of researchers is organizing ...

Viewpoint: Precision medicine based on white populations could ‘reinforce existing societal and economic inequalities’

Gizmodo | 
Sequencing the human genome has shown us that we are mostly all made up of the same stuff, but it’s ...
Depression Men vs Women

Men, women respond differently to genes linked to depression

Gizmodo | 
In men and women diagnosed with major depressive disorder, the same genes show the opposite changes. In other words, the ...

Can Halo’s brain-zapping headsets improve athletic performance?

Gizmodo | 
Equinox jumped at the chance to offer Halo Neuroscience’s brain-zapping, supposedly performance-enhancing headsets as part of its advanced personal training ...
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23andMe adds 120 geographic regions to make genetic ancestry results more precise

Gizmodo | 
If you’ve ever taken an ancestry DNA test, you probably already know that the results aren’t exactly precise. Sometimes you wind ...

Consumer genetics first: 23andMe gets OK to sell limited DNA test for cancer risk

Gizmodo | 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared 23andMe to sell directly to customers a DNA test for gene mutations ...
ben greenfield

Big breakthrough? Man’s penis injected with stem cells at controversial clinic

Gizmodo | 
Ben Greenfield is a cult figure among fitness fanatics, a guru to the sort of nerds who devote themselves to ...
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Video: Watch DNA organization in real time

Gizmodo | 
Your body is truly amazing. Every cell inside of it is capable of organizing massive messes of DNA into chromosomes ...

Quest to find ‘Olympic genes’ comes up short—so far

Gizmodo | 
In 2014, the former Soviet nation of Uzbekistan announced a plan that it hoped would give it a leg up ...
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Cutting through the ‘dieting din’: Your DNA won’t help you lose weight

Gizmodo | 
Many consumer DNA testing companies have pledged to cut through the dieting din with personalized advice. Different diets work for ...

CRISPR ‘black box’ tells us what’s happening inside human cells

Gizmodo | 
To get a peek inside the cell, scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have developed a sort ...

‘Inherently imperfect’: Why ancestry tests are often misunderstood

Gizmodo | 
It’s right there in the fine print of any consumer DNA test, if you bother to read it: DNA testing ...

DARPA: Biohackers should ‘think deeply’ about using themselves as research guinea pigs

Gizmodo | 
[DARPA biotechnology director Justin] Sanchez was not only [at Body Hacking Con] to promote the agency’s expansive research portfolio. He ...
parents and crying baby at home

‘Genetic nurture’: Parents’ genes affect how they raise their children

Gizmodo | 
A new paper [January 26] in Science suggests a fascinating new twist on this interaction between our genes and our environment. Our ...

Targeting invasive pests with genetically tailored poison in New Zealand

Gizmodo | 
Recently, New Zealand has been at the center of a heated debate over whether it is either feasible or ethical to use ...
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‘An awful lot of spit’: Consumer DNA test market booms as consumers ‘take control of their health’

Gizmodo | 
When AncestryDNA sold some 1.5 million of its genetic testing kits over Black Friday weekend, it seemed like clear evidence that after ...

Should the FDA have a say in ‘do-it-yourself’ biohacking?

Gizmodo | 
In the past few months, the possibility of do-it-yourself genetic engineering has exited the realm of the purely hypothetical. ...

CRISPR food coming soon: USDA decision speeds up regulatory process for gene-edited crops

Gizmodo | 
In September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave the green light to a version of the plant Camelina sativa, an important oilseed crop that ...

Can a genetic test tell you how to lose weight? 23andMe is trying to find out

Gizmodo | 
23andMe is kicking off a massive study into the genetics of weight loss that the company says will involve 100,000 people crowdsourced ...
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