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Manipulating our internal clocks could lead to treatments for mood disorders, obesity—and even aging

Medicines and other small molecules may play a role in fixing rhythms gone awry ...
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Sleep easy: Late-night surfing on your smartphone unlikely to damage your internal clock

People who only occasionally fall down an internet rabbit hole on their smartphones late at night might be able to ...
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Are you an early bird or a night owl? Simple blood test could answer the question

Are you an early-rising lark or a night owl? These terms have gained scientific credibility, with researchers determining such differences ...

Can a blood test find your body’s internal clock

Your body has a clock—and thanks to the travails of modern life, that clock may not line up with the timing ...

Pinpointing the internal clock that helps us mark the passage of time

Manmade clocks may precisely measure time, but, from a human perspective, the passage of time is remarkably fluid. It drags ...

Turning night owls into early birds? It may soon be possible

The discovery of a genetic mutation linked to night owl behavior raises the prospect of a drug treatment that would ...
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