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Strep throat making a comeback? Bacteria developing resistance to our ‘go-to’ antibiotics

Popular Science | 
Strep is generally considered a known entity—with a known, reliable treatment. Then came two serious Strep A infections in Seattle, ...
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Gene editing police? World Health Organization may take on the job

Popular Science | 
Who’s going to police CRISPR? That was the cry of many scientists after news broke at the end of last ...

Can a blood test find your body’s internal clock

Popular Science | 
Your body has a clock—and thanks to the travails of modern life, that clock may not line up with the timing ...
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Editing the brain? CRISPR and gold nanoparticles could make it possible

Popular Science | 
Add this to the list of possible applications for the seemingly-magical gene editing technology CRISPR: helping people with neurological disorders edit ...
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Gene edited tomatoes could produce natural colorings to replace dyes used to colorize farmed fish

Hakai | 
In the wild, fish such as salmon or trout eat crustaceans or insects with natural pigments that lend their flesh ...
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Patenting the genes of marine creatures and why it could matter for research

Popular Science | 
From the tiniest microbe to the biggest whale, the ocean is teeming with life. For corporations and researchers, that biodiversity is ...