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How the ‘Japan model’ – limited testing with robust contact tracing – kept the country from being initially overwhelmed by COVID-19

[At the beginning of the pandemic,] Japan went its own way, limiting tests to only the most severe cases as ...
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Japan tamed COVID-19 without lockdowns. Here’s how

By following the science developed by world-renowned experts, Japan has been able to avoid the worst effects of the pandemic ...
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Experimental drug remdesivir on verge of approval for coronavirus patients in Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday [April 27] that Japan will soon approve the anti-viral drug remdesivir for the treatment ...
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CRISPR-edited crops could go on sale in Japan before end of 2019

Food products produced using genome editing technology could go on sale in Japan by the end of the year despite ...
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CRISPR-edited foods could hit grocery stores in Japan by late 2019

Genetically modified food products using a specific kind of technology may hit store shelves in Japan within this year amid ...アタマ・しかけ・P)iPS■年、見えた課題㊤-data-x-1-1-263x129.jpg

Japan’s quest to be world leader in regenerative medicine sparks surge in questionable stem cell treatments

In the United States, authorities have grappled with a surge of clinics selling therapies that are unsupported by evidence and, ...アタマ・しかけ・P)iPS■年、見えた課題㊤-data-x--263x129.jpg

Regenerative Japanese stem cell treatment raises hopes for spinal cord injuries—but sparks ethical debate

The country fast-tracked the controversial therapy, opening an international rift over who should make health care decisions ...
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‘RoboDUCK’: Weed-killing robot could cut chemical use in rice farming

An engineer working for Japanese carmaker Nissan has built a robot to help farmers reduce the use of herbicides and ...

Japan’s plan to deregulate CRISPR-edited crops may trigger backlash from consumers still wary of GMOs

Japan will allow gene-edited foodstuffs to be sold to consumers without safety evaluations as long as the techniques involved meet ...
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Japan finalizes CRISPR-edited crop rules, suggesting gene-edited foods could hit stores in 2019

An expert panel of the health ministry finalized a report on creating rules for genome-edited agricultural and marine products on ...
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Japan wants to use stem cells to treat paralysis—but ethical questions remain

On February 18, 2019, The Asahi Shimbun reported, “Ministry [of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan] OKs 1st iPS [induced pluripotent ...

Japan approves stem-cell therapy for spinal cord injuries—but does it even work?

Japan has approved a stem-cell treatment for spinal-cord injuries. The event marks the first such therapy for this kind of ...
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Japan’s ‘moderate’ regulation proposal could spur development of gene-edited crops

A health ministry panel said [December 5] that most of the foods currently under development using genome editing can be ...
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Countering the impact of climate change through new breeding techniques

It is imperative that we breed new varieties of plants to make agriculture more sustainable, given increasing food demand and ...

Japan poised to permit gene editing on human embryos by 2019

Japan has issued draft guidelines that allow the use of gene-editing tools in human embryos. The proposal was released by ...
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Agricultural drones offer high-tech relief for struggling farms

The next generation farmhand in Japan's aging rural heartland may be a drone. For several months, developers and farmers in ...

Following America’s lead, Japan won’t regulate gene-edited crops as GMOs

A government panel has decided not to regulate some genome editing procedures. The latest technology involves changing an organism's genomes ...

Using CRISPR to block production of HIV in infected cells

Contracting HIV is no longer the death sentence that it was in the 1980s and early 90s. The first cases ...
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