Why do some children who eat enough calories still end up stunted?

Katherine Wu | 
Even when given enough to eat, [malnourished children] end up shorter than their peers and are saddled with cognitive deficits, ...
biofortification way forward nourishing future

Biofortification from Golden Rice and other biotech crops could help cut $3.5 trillion lost annually to malnutrition

Ajay Kohli, Joanna Dupont-Inglis | 
Over two billion people worldwide continue to suffer from hidden hunger, or the lack of essential micronutrients, which impairs the ...
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Golden Rice, Part 4: Cost-effective GMO crop can save lives and dramatically boost developing economies

Adrian Dubock | 
Golden Rice is safe, and there is excellent human evidence that it will work ...

Nigerian biotech startup introduces produce coating to combat malnutrition in Africa

Gemma Milne | 
Nigerian biotech startup Coating+ ....  has created a transparent gelatinous coating that is sprayed onto fresh fruit and vegetables to prolong their shelf ...
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