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Philippines is first! Long-delayed Vitamin A-enhanced Golden Rice greenlighted, bucking activist opposition

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The fortified food addresses vitamin A deficiency, which kills an estimated 670,000 children each year ...
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Golden Rice inventors: ‘Why our life-saving GMO crop is still not getting to the impoverished people who need it’

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Until science-based policy overrules a smear campaign against Golden Rice, VAD-induced death and blindness will continue ...
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Golden Rice, Part 4: Cost-effective GMO crop can save lives and dramatically boost developing economies

Golden Rice is safe, and there is excellent human evidence that it will work ...
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Golden Rice, Part 2: Will nutritionally enhanced rice work and help solve malnutrition in developing countries?

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For more than a quarter of a century, vitamin A deficiency (VAD) has been recognized by the United Nations as ...
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Golden Rice, Part 1: The story of a GMO crop that could benefit billions of children a year

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For billions of people, the stakes could not be higher ...
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Adrian Dubock, Golden Rice scientist: Greenpeace, GMO critics misrepresent humanitarian project

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In a letter sent exclusively to GLP, a leader of the Golden Rice project speaks out against recent criticisms of ...